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The Chase - Iris
The Chase is the first single from Iris, one of Melbourne's brightest up and coming artists. Its a bit confusing, but Josh appears here on drums, however he is actually playing all of the electric guitar parts. If you can figure that out you're doing well.
The Honeytones Top40 Showcase
In 2014, Josh spent most of the year performing on cruise ships with this little trio.
Skinny Love - Michael Schulte: Remix
Once again, Alex and Ebony perform a stunning routine to a Josh Fuhrmeister remix
You're My Home - Jess Lee
Jess Lee's EP launch at Transit Lounge. Josh adds some telecaster sparkle to this beautiful Norah Jones-esque ballad
Gravity - Sarah Bareilles: Remix
Alex and Ebony perform an exquisite zouk routine to Josh's remix of Gravity
Welcome Home - w/ Joel McKerrow & the Mysterious Few
Josh teamed up with performance poet Joel McKerrow (and his Mysterious Few) to compose, produce and mix the music for this beautiful clip.
A Team (Ed Sheeran): Multi-Instrumentalist & Vocalist Showcase
More than just a six-stringer, Josh's musicianship extends to include a whole host of other instruments.
One Planet - w/ Joel McKerrow
Teaming up with Tear Australia, film maker Daniel Wieckmann and poet Joel McKerrow, Josh was asked to compose and produce the music for this stunning piece about the effects of global warming on the poorest of the poor around the world.
Guitar Playing Showcase
Josh demonstrates his diverse guitar ability across multiple genres, incorporating techniques such as fingerstyle, thumb picking, lead, rhythm, comping etc.