Jess Lee (Singer/Songwriter)

Josh Fuhrmeister is the insightful and creative know-how behind a lot of the incredible ideas on my new EP, and he is also the man behind the drumkit!!




Rohan Edmeades (Drummer)

I’ve played with Josh in a number of musical settings in the past 10 years. He prepares well, has great gear and sound. He’s happy to rock, happy to create space and contributes to the whole without making it all about him. Love playing with Josh.




Richelle Boer (Singer/Songwriter)

I have worked closely with Josh in the music industry for the last 7 years – primarily with Melbourne Wedding Band “Sugashak” and my own pursuits as a singer/songwriter. Josh is an extremely gifted guitarist and producer, having produced/co-wrote my EP “The Sun and the Moon” in 2007. Josh approaches writing, performing and producing with a professional and inclusive attitude and always gives 110%. He has strong management skills, is diligent, and honest, and is passionate about his craft. If you are looking to hire a guitarist/producer – look no further. It is my pleasure to recommend Josh.



Ashley McEwen (Guitar Student)

For 4 years I have engaged Josh on a weekly basis for personal guitar tuition. He is a gifted teacher, imparting both clear instruction and inspiration throughout his lessons. On a personal level I have, in all situations, found Josh to be a young man of integrity. He is self motivated, reliable and applies a standard of excellence to all he does.



Adam Sugihto (Online Marketing)

Josh has been possibly the most unique client I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His brand encapsulates a number of assets in the music industry including: Melbourne Wedding Band, Sugashak, Melbourne Kids Band, The Kazoos and his own Zouk Music productions. My brief was to coach Josh through Online Marketing strategy for each of the sub-brands that make up his brand. I’ve been extremely impressed with Josh’s ability to grasp and employ online marketing tools and techniques – including corporate blogging, SEO, Google Adwords and Facebook advertising. Josh applies the same characteristics to his music and his clients that he has to online marketing: consistency, persistence, determination, integrity, continuous learning and out-of-the-box thinking. Because of these qualities that I’ve seen in Josh as a client, (and combined with his very easy to get along with nature) I can highly recommend Josh and his services if you are considering contracting him for your music requirements.