Location of lessons: Carlton North

Styles taught: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Folk, Blues, Country, Pop, Acoustic, R&B, Metal, Disco, Reggae

I believe that different methods of guitar teaching are necessary for different students. While there is definitely merit in having planned structures and the fundamentals in place, each student approaches music differently and need be taught accordingly. From years of experience, I have discovered techniques that enable students to get from A to B in many different ways. I have watched students develop their playing at alarming rates, and dive head-first into a career in the music industry. It is these type of students that keep me inspired as a teacher… and convicted that I should continue to pass on my skills to others.

For over ten years I have guided students of all ages through the exciting and intricate world of guitar playing. This includes 4 years (2008-2011) of teaching guitar and bands/ensembles at various primary and secondary institutions in Melbourne.

Recent Achievements:
– 2012: Prepared and accompanied two students for auditions at tertiary institutions. Both received first preference offers and have kicked off their 2013 education.

– 2011: Guided a Year 11 guitar student through grade 5 ANZCA exam for which he received Honours.

– 2010: Music directed a VCE Year 12 band to an A+ group performance exam score (2010).

Techniques taught:
Improvisation, Strumming, Picking Control, Fingerstyle, Thumb-pick Technique, Sight-reading, Part-writing and Composition, Comping, Aural Recognition, Speed Development and Articulation, Extensive Chord Inversions, Unlocking Jazz Progressions/Arpeggios.

Also offered:
Tutoring in Music Production, Music Theory & Rhythm, Ensemble/Band mentoring.

Student Testimonials:

“A gifted teacher, imparting both clear instruction and inspiration throughout his lessons.” – Ashley

“Joshua is an inspiring, talented teacher. Not only are his knowledge and skills vast but he has a beautiful way of tailoring his teaching methods to suit the individual. He is passionate about both music and teaching. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to further their skills/passion in music.”  – Josephine

“Quite simply, guitar lessons with Josh are both fun and easy. I’m a professional musician but I’ve been a bit of a hack on the guitar over the years. Josh helps me understand the fundamentals of technique very easily. And for my teenage daughter, a novice, he has created a fun and easy to understand approach to quality playing. I highly recommend him as a teacher for both professional and beginner alike.”  – Mark

“I have found that my playing has improved dramatically since starting guitar lessons with Josh. He has a broad and diverse music knowledge base and is able to tailor lessons to suit my skill level and music interests in a fun and informative way.” – Tim

“Josh has been very patient and encouraging with me since I’ve started playing guitar. He is flexible and changes the lessons to be appropriate to my ability. He is always friendly and professional and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone wanting to play guitar.” – Lizzy

“Best guitar teacher EVER!” – Mitchell

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