For Sale

$260 – Large Pedalboard ATA Flight Road Case
Dimensions: 78cm x 48cm x 17cm

This board just toured North America last July (22 shows in 28 days) so I can attest to its durability on planes and in the tour bus. The storage compartments are super handy for storing anything you might need at a seconds notice when something goes wrong on stage. And theres room to build little risers for pedals such as the one pictured. Theres a bit of wear and tear on this thing, but nothing that stops it from doing what its designed to do – move, protect and organise your pedals. Only selling because I need the money for a smaller board asap. Pedals not included in sale.

$120 – Gator Pedal Board w/carry bag
Dimensions: 76cm x 43cm

Retails at $239. Good condition, just a few scuffs.
Includes rugged nylon carry bag with pockets for cables.
Face of pedal board covered with Velcro for attaching pedals.

Also have a smaller gator pedal tote but cant part with that until i have sold the above two boards.

Mi Audio Crunch Box Distortion Pedal

Huge sounding Marshall-voiced high gain distortion pedal.

Check it this video¬†of it in action…

Pedal is in great condition. Has velcro on the bottom for sticking to pedalboards. Incredible value for money. Tons better than so many distortion pedals that are double its retail price.