Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special 2×12

Available for pickup in Parkville, Vic.

As far as i know, this is the only one of its kind in existence.
Custom finish: black vinyl, tan grill and cream panel.

Class A, 5w/15w/30w option per channel

I describe this amp as having the warmth of a fender twin and the shimmer of a vox AC30.

So many ways to use this amp…
My usual preferences for live were:
Massive clean headroom on channel one at 30watts and super saturated 5watts of overdrive on channel 2 with drive switch engaged. Amazing.

For studio use:
Clean sounds: channel 1 @15w. Low-gain breakup: channel 1 @5w. Drive: channel 2 @5w.

Other notables:
4xEL84 tubes
1x5Y3 rectifier tube
2x Black Shadow speakers
5x12AX7 preamp tubes
FX loop with mix/level control
2-button foot switch (channel/solo)
Fan on/off switch (super handy for studio use)
Indépendant reverb controls for each channel
Made in California

$5849 RRP (including custom finish)

Only selling because i need something smaller.

Has never been gigged excessively although there is a bit of wear and tear on the corners and amp cover. Also, it has been serviced 2-3 times.